Monday, 14 January 2008

Inside man - thiller intro sequence

I think this intro using interesting techniques when putting the credits on screen. The separte letters from each word start scatered and then collect to make the word/sentence. It also uses a font which i think works well with the pictures on screen and the music. It has the name of the person in block capitals and the job they did in lower case. I think this works well as it emphises the person rather than the whole thing.
The title of the film when displayed is displayed in very well, it has the name in the same font as the rest of the credits but a ring of lights appears around it as though they are part of the background picutre.
The sequence starts with a shot of a man stearing into the camera in a clsoe up shot. This shows us he is going to be a key chacter in either just the intro sequence or the whole film. This is a effective way to clearly introduceing the main charcter of the film. It than fades into the main sequence of shots showing the potenial setting of the film. The intro sequence is a almost a small story following a black van around a city which is picking people on its way.

I think this is an effective title sequence becase potenial key characters are introduce effectively and all the credits are clear and intrestingly brought on and off screen.



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