Monday, 4 February 2008

Shot List

1st shot = shot of streets for Tangerine Production
2nd shot = then it fades into the news report
3rd shot = spying on someone in an office
4th shot = shot of stairs with no one on them which is in Millets in Cambridge
5th shot = flicks of the newspaper which comes in and out with quick clips of articles in the paper (fuzzy)
6th shot = a shot of the murderer spying on a woman through the kitchen window whilst shes doing the washing up. this will be at Oli's house
7th shot = shot of a set of knives on a table which are the murder weapons. this will be at Oli's house.
8th shot = another shot of the news report, reporting there has been another murder.
9th shot = then it goes onto the shot of the murder scene.
10th shot = then fades onto the shot of the close up of a tv, which on the tv is the news report.
11th shot = the shot of the tv but has zoomed out so you can see the whole tv and the room and then you see the silluet of the murderer on the tv screen just sitting there watching the news report of his own victims.
12th shot = lastly the title of the thriller appears then it will fade onto the start of the film which isn't on the animatics. iSPY



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